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posted Dec 8, 2016, 3:11 PM by Troop140 Admin   [ updated Jul 28, 2020, 3:40 PM ]
Although not an official BSA program, Troop Master is the advancement and activity computer program Troop 140 has used since 2006. Troop Master or TM does not replace the Scout book which is the Scout's personal tracking system but serves as the Troop tracking system and a back up if the Scout should lose his book.  TM also tracks service hours, nights of camping, leadership position history and more.

Prior to a rank advancement Scoutmaster conference and Board of Review, Troop Master must be checked to avoid issues such as not enough time in position or incorrect merit badges. Our recommendation is for Scouts to check in with our advancement team frequently.

Your scout's troop master records can now be viewed online with your specialized password. Check your email for a note from our Administrator.

The scout's Individual History Report will show everything they have done in the troop. The Individual Progress Report will show what they need to accomplish to fulfill requirements. As a scout approaches Eagle the Eagle Application Assistance page will give you all the information to you need for your application. 

BSA has Scoutbook as it's official tracking program, why not use that? 
We have found that Troop Master allows us to track a far greater amount of information, create reports and look back at the history for previous members and events. Scoutbook is limited to only currently registered members.  Troop Master rank advancement and merit badge info is uploaded to Scoutbook at each Court of Honor.

If you find any errors please email to have it fixed.