As a unit charted by a Catholic church, we must follow both the BSA and Archdioceses youth protection guidelines 

BSA requirements
BSA Youth Protection Training modules and test. This can be taken in person or online through your log in 
~ BSA authorization for enhanced background check

Archdiocese requirements
Archdiocese background check.  Valid for three years.
~ In-person or online class:
    Standards of Conduct - Archdiocese of Portland
    NOTE: this must b
e taken only once during your volunteer time     with the Archdiocese.
In-person training for Creating a Safe Environment (C.A.S.E.).           
NOTE C.A.S.E. has replaced Called to Protect videos so even if     you've already taken Called to Protect, you'll need to attend an     in-person C.A.S.E. session.
Yearly the Archdiocese will assign a relevant online refresher             course. 

Archdiocese Training schedule can be found here

Troop 140 camps nearly every month.  Please expect to have a planned outdoor activity occur. We will follow the Guide to Safe Scouting and events may be cancelled if it is deemed unsafe. However remember COMFORT and SAFETY are two different things. We will plan for safety and you need to plan for personal comfort.

Troop guidelines for inclement weather (ice/snow) for regular troop meetings.
We follow the recommendations of the Oregon City Police Dept. and School District. These allow us to use multiple media outlets to notify our families the fastest.

1.  If school is cancelled for the day - the troop meeting is cancelled also.
2.  If the students are sent home early or District evening activities are cancelled -  Troop meeting will be cancelled.

These are the guidelines for weather hazards (snow, ice, high winds, thunderstorms, etc) for outdoor events and camping trips:

1.  Parents should be available during the outings in the event that we return early due to weather hazards.  Make sure your scout knows how to reach you.

2.  Drivers should have vehicles in good working order with appropriate gear for handling snowy or rainy conditions, including carrying chains, having good tires and wipers, and be prepared for conditions as they arise. Each vehicle must have a First Aid kit.

3. Discipline. Rules are effective only when followed. All participants should know, understand, and respect the rules and procedures for a safe camping experience. Those violating safety rules will be sent home.

4. Equipment. Weather can change in a moment so be prepared. Be completely outfitted for cold weather. Equipment should be checked to ensure good condition for the activity and proper maintenance while in use. Scouts should be adequately clothed, and blankets should be a suitable quality and weight.
TIP: Use alkaline batteries in flashlights, as standard batteries deteriorate quickly in cold weather.
TIP: Encourage youths to wear brightly colored clothing so they are more visible during severe weather.

TIP: Drink more water than usual as your body needs this to keep warm. 

As most weather events last for only a short time, we may change the length of the event or the location. Overnight events may leave in the morning instead of evening departure or become a day event instead of overnight. The type of event may even change completely. The goal is to safely gather a friends for a shorter time rather than cancel, if practical. 

No matter what, I and all of the volunteers for Troop 140 want Scouts and their parents to use good judgement.  If you, your parent, or other adult are uncomfortable about conditions, please take appropriate measures, including not coming to events and/or meetings.  

If at any time a parent or scout feels that conditions are not safe, I and my Assistant Scoutmasters want you to feel comfortable to speak up and express that opinion.  We as a group will discuss and decide how to proceed.

The safety of all members of Troop 140 is our top priority.  Please take care.

The world needs more Eagle Scouts

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and 2017 delivered in a big way.

Exactly 55,494 young men became Eagle Scouts that year. That’s the most in a single year since 2013, and it’s the fourth-biggest Eagle Scout class in history (trailing 2012, 2010 and 2013).

That’s a lot of Eagle Scouts.

How many Eagle Scout service project hours were recorded in 2017?

Eagle Scouts and their volunteers completed 8,461,760 hours of service in 2017. That works out to about 152.5 hours per project.

Some might call that amount of service to communities “priceless.” But, in fact, you can put a price on it.

At the current “value of volunteer time” rate of $24.14 per hour, that works out to $204.3 million worth of service to communities.


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Although not an official BSA program, Troop Master is the advancement and activity computer program Troop 140 has used since 2006. Troop Master or TM does not replace the Scout book which is the Scout's personal tracking system but serves as the Troop tracking system and a back up if the Scout should lose his book.  TM also tracks service hours, nights of camping, leadership position history and more.

Prior to a rank advancement Scoutmaster conference and Board of Review, Troop Master must be checked to avoid issues such as not enough time in position or incorrect merit badges. Our recommendation is for Scouts to check in with our advancement team frequently.

Your scout's troop master records can now be viewed online with your specialized password. Check your email for a note from our Administrator.

The scout's Individual History Report will show everything they have done in the troop. The Individual Progress Report will show what they need to accomplish to fulfill requirements. As a scout approaches Eagle the Eagle Application Assistance page will give you all the information to you need for your application. 

BSA has Scoutbook as it's official tracking program, why not use that? 
We have found that Troop Master allows us to track a far greater amount of information, create reports and look back at the history for previous members and events. Scoutbook is limited to only currently registered members.  Troop Master rank advancement and merit badge info is uploaded to Scoutbook at each Court of Honor.

If you find any errors please email to have it fixed.

How to open a merit badge

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Steps to open a merit badge...
Pick a subject that interest you.
Visit Ms LaCrosse to obtain a blue card
Visit Mr Taylor to have the blue card signed
Return to Ms LaCrosse who will add the merit badge to Troopmaster
Begin working on requirements!

You can meet with your counselor at any point after the blue card is signed.
Mr Taylor, Mrs Thomas and Ms LaCrosse can give you MB Counselors names


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Do you know CPR?  Chattanooga Fire can help...

Did you know there are videos to help you learn Trail to First Class Scout Skills?

Help needed in planning!

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Does your son enjoy the camping and outings?
We need help with behind the scenes phone calls and paperwork.
You do not need to attend the outing to help with the planning.  
IF everyone does a little, A LOT GETS DONE!

Can you help make reservations?  Shop for adult meals? 
Assisting in weekend scheduling?  

Did you miss our swimming merit badge class?

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Did you miss your chance at the swimming merit badge class?
No worries, Troop 140 will be hosting a swimming and lifesaving merit class again!

Cost TBA

Participants must have:
-medical form
-Approved merit badge cards, completely filled out and including
a signature from their SM.
-Ability to swim at least 150 yards (4 widths of a pool)
-Swim suit, towel
We will complete the 2nd Class and 1st Class Rank Requirements
as part of the pool work portion of the Merit Badge.

There is a limited opportunity for those interested in completing the Lifesaving Merit Badge. Pre-registration is required to participate.

Summer Camp 2015

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Troop 140 is going to CAMP BALDWIN - By Austin

I'm excited for summer camp 2015.  We are going to Camp Baldwin!  Baldwin was the first summer camp I went to as a Boy Scout.

Camp Baldwin is on the other side of Mt Hood. Camp Baldwin is very dusty and is a horse camp. One of my favorite parts of Baldwin was earning the horsemanship merit badge.  I got it when I went, I also went on the overnight horse trek.

On the horse trek, you ride a horse to the middle of nowhere after dinner.  Before you can get your stuff done you have to take care of your horse.  That includes feeding it, taking the saddle off and checking the horse is tied to the rope correctly.  Then you can set up your bed under the stars and go to sleep.  When you wake up the next morning, you have to take care of your horse before you can eat breakfast. Then you pack up and ride back to camp.

At Camp Baldwin, there isn't a dining hall.  You have to cook every meal at your campsite.  Food gets dropped off early in the morning for breakfast and just before lunch with food for lunch and dinner. 

Want more info on Camp Baldwin?  Visit

March 2011 Troop Scoop posted

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Check it out here.

Meeting Reminders

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  1. Our meeting begin at St John’s Cafeteria at 7pm during the school year and during the summer at the St John's cemetery.

  2. The Monday before a camping trip is a mandatory meeting for anyone attending. Bring any fees and permission slips required for the outing. Updated information will be handed out and emergency information verified. This will also be the time to finalize headcount for food.

  3. The Monday after a campout, we have a PLC (Patrol Leaders Council – planning) meeting.  All PL’s, APL’s, the SPL and ASPL, and Scribe are required to attend. We will cover "the good, the bad and the ugly" of the outing.

December 2010 PLC Meeting Minutes posted

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December 2010 Patrol Leader Council (PLC) meeting minutes posted at

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