Scout's point of view

We go to Summer Camp.
We work on Merit Badges.
We teach, we learn.
We show reverence.
We do... Eagle projects.
We do... games, camping, hiking, biking, cooking, ...
We do... service to our community.
We do... a good turn daily.

TROOP 140'S COVID CHRISTMAS PARTY - Nick B, Star Scout, Dec 2020
For Troop 140’s online zoom Christmas party we built gingerbread houses. We decorated them with frosting and had fun baking cookies. After the house building, we played a online escape room made by Brennan D. There was a prize to see who got first, he Rickrolled me! The evening was an all around fun time for everyone, and we got to eat sweets and bake things <This is my gingerbread house!

Zeke T, Life Scout, Dec 2018
When Troop 140 went to Camp Easton a lot of people got stung.  The hornets were everywhere and when I almost got stung it was eaten in my sandwich! I had finished my swim test I was eating my sandwich when a hornet landed and stayed for the smell I didn't notice. I took a bite and crushed the hornet in a second.

UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS -  Zeke T, Life Scout, Dec 2018
Recently scouts in our Troop have been lacking the correct attire for meetings and ceremonies. Please know that we should have our class A's and additional class B's when we go on a trip. At meetings you should be in full uniform and with correct patches sewn on. When we leave the parking lot you should have a troop polo on and your class A packed. Please parents tell your scout to have the correct attire for events for now.

The tradition continues. 4 person teams of venture age scouts compete in a series of challenges against other scouts.  Armed with their knowledge, whatever supplies they gathered to be prepared, a driver and google, they decipher clues to lead them to the next location. This year six teams tackled geocaching, Canby rod and gun club, McIver & Metzler parks for compass, frisbee golf, horseshoe and mystery food challenge. Up next came knot identifying, Les Schwab, "good deed" delivery, scout spirit karaoke. The night ended at ASM Haunschild's house for dinner, laughter and slurpees! After all the bonuses and penalties were counted the winning team was Sage, Jaden and Austin P "Team Illuminati".   Great job leaders and teams.

SEABASE TRIP 2015 - notes from Mr Edwards and Mrs Daiker

Day 1 AUG 5: Arrived at camp today. Camp tour, issued dive gear, and ate dinner. Staying in dorms - Mrs D is on the 2nd floor in a quiet corner. The guys are all together in the 3rd floor penthouse suite! After dinner the boys met the friendly manatee that's been hanging out all week. HOT conditions. 88 degree water temp. 89 degree air temp. Humidity off the chart. Real feel is 107. Tomorrow we dive.  Tonight at Scuba camp is movie night. Now showing on the big screen (big white wall outside): The original JAWS! Love it.
Day 2 AUG 6: Check out dive in the base pool went well. Had lunch and boarded the dive boat for a 5 mile ride out to Alligator reef. Schools of fish everywhere as soon as we hit the water. A shallow dive of only 20 feet lead by the divemasters follow the leader style. Besides fish of every color, we saw lobster, stingrays and eels. A couple jellyfish stings, but nothing major. No fun being had here. (Mr E)  We all survived our first dive in the open water. We shared the boat with a small crew from Minnesota, their leader's name was Olaf! Saw some amazing fish and coral. Out of 16 people, only one got seasick! (Mrs D)
Day 3 AUG 7: The boys are calling it off the chart kind of fun. Flag, breakfast, and on the boat by 9:30. Another 5 mile boat ride took us to Crescent reef where we spent an hour at 20-25 ft. Lots to see here including a good size Moray eel, and a sea turtle.
  Next was another hour dive at nearby Agnes reef. Here we saw the usual variety of coral and fish plus a couple nurse sharks. One about 4 feet and the other closer to seven. The more entertaining part was the 5 scouts swimming after them with GoPros. We moved to calmer and shallower water to eat lunch and to snorkel and play around the boat for a couple hours. Again with the usual fish, plus a 5 foot Barracuda. Again the scout response was to grab a GoPro and get in the water.  A really great day with only one casualty. Logan accidentally water tested his smart phone to 20 feet for 20 mins. No bueno. (Mr E) 
We tried to do one big group jump off the side of our 46' boat! "Do we jump on 3 or 1, 2, 3, then jump?"

DAY 4 AUG 8: Another day listening to Margaritaville on the ship stereo. Two dives this morning/afternoon. A 5 foot Barracuda, another nurse shark, and a 3 foot stingray. After diving we ate lunch and spent a couple hours jumping off the boat and learning Key West rodeo. Pinch a boat buoy between your knees, jump from the side, and try to make 8 seconds. Gunnar was our champ. Heading in now for dinner and fresh tanks. Back out later for our night dive. Boys can't wait.
Night diving. WOW!! Just freaking WOW! Dove the same Alligator reef we dove on the first day, but into a completely different world by flashlight. Spiny lobster everywhere. Luminescent organisms glowing like fireflies all around. A large nurse shark sleeping in a cave. A huge sea turtle, Moray eels, and parrot fish. 3 miles off shore we dropped into the water at sunset, dove for an hour, then surfaced under a million stars and the milky way
shining bright. On the ride back in we were treated to a fireworks show on one of the beaches and a thunder head light show about 10 miles away. A truly awe inspiring evening.



Zeke T, Star Scout May 2015
The flag ceremony for Memorial Day, that Troop 140 did for the St John's Cemetery was for Veterans who gave their lives to protect our country and serving so all families can have safety and freedom.  We raised the flag and then lowered it to half staff to represent loss.

- Austin P, Star Scout May 2015
The Wednesday before Memorial Day, Troop 140 goes down to the St John Cemetery
to plant flags to honor Veterans.  The scouts plant the flags then salute the graves taking a moment of silence before moving to the next veteran.

Historian's blog - Kah-Nee-Ta -Landon S, Scout May 2015
About 22 Scouts and 12 adults went to a really fun resort in Oregon’s high desert outside of Warm Springs. The main activity was amazingly fun swimming in the warm pool. There was a surprisingly vigorous game of keep away - Scouts versus adults. It was hard to track who won! We also hunted for thunder eggs at Richardson’s Rock Ranch. Everyone (who went) got at least two thunder eggs. We all slept in giant teepees. Kah-Nee-Ta was an incredibly fun and very active campout.

KAH-NEE-TA - Austin P, Star Scout May 2015
Every couple years the Troop goes to Kah-nee-ta!!  An Indian reservation with natural hotsprings.  The water in the pool is really warm and it is almost always nice when we visit.  We sleep in the Teepees.  They have pictures of buffalo, deer and other Indian designs painted on the outside.   We also take a side trip to go thunderegg hunting.  It's a long drive but worth it when you cut open the rock.

- Cole P, second class, May 2015
Each December Troop 140 has a Christmas Party. 
We all bring and wrap presents for families that need a little extra cheer this Christmas.  There are always a lot of people helping.  Scouts & family.  Returning Eagle Scouts come back to visit.  We have a little Christmas buffet of snacks, drinks, and treats.